Missy French is our primary artist. She is a graduate from the International Face Painting School taught by Olga Murasev. She is also certified by the International Certification of Natural Henna Artists.

Missy is currently enrolled at Murray State University pursuing her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art degree.

She hopes to add ceramics/pottery to her list of available talents/services in the near future!

Mark A French, PhDMark

Mark is our resident photographer and owner of our sister company Knob Creek Photography. He captures the beauty and light of his surroundings.


Ella FrenchElla

Ella is the namesake of the original name (French Vanella). She has began to enjoy art as much as her mom and is studying with Missy to be the assistant artist at events. Ella is often seen at events as the cashier, line manager, and airbrush artist. She is also our resident model for most body painting shoots.


Alexander FrenchAlex

Alexander may be the youngest of the staff but he can hang with the best. Alex is a budding photographer and an excellent personal assistant to the main artist and photographer. He is often seen with his camera shadowing his dad from taking photos to helping set up at festivals.


Vicki Partney


It’s all in the family here at F.V. Artistry.  Vicki is Missy’s mom and is always eager to be the assistant artist and line manager at festivals and events. She has trained to do face painting selections, airbrush tattoos, and select henna designs. Vicki is also a talented cake decorator and floral designer.


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